If you suffer an injury to your mouth, it may cause lacerations and bleeding to your gums, and it could also fracture or dislodge one or several of your teeth. Experiencing this form of trauma will require emergency dental care, and you will want services of the Encino Emergency Dentist. We understand this form of damage to your mouth and will provide you the passionate and caring dental care you need at a time like this.

If you’ve caused injury to your teeth from biting on a portion of food that is too hard, or if you’re involved in an accident, contact our emergency dental care immediately for professional and fast service to prevent further damage to your mouth. There are a lot of events that can result in one of your teeth or more being knocked out, dislodged, or cracked, and these occurrences will require the attention of the Encino Emergency Dentist.

When You Need Emergency Dental Care

Encino Emergency Dentist wants you to know it's important to seek emergency dental care. You need to understand how to keep your teeth safe and that of your family's without going to the emergency room unnecessarily. An accident can happen anytime and almost anywhere, and certain oral injuries require emergency dental care right away.

Some of the injuries or traumas that should be addressed as oral emergencies include:

  • When one of your teeth or more have been knocked out
  • A tooth is cracked in an accident or by some form of impact
  • Your tooth is broken by an impact or from an accident
  • An object being lodged between your teeth
  • If you have broken your jaw
  • Loss of a crown, filling, etc.
  • If you have suffered trauma to your gums, tongue, lips, cheeks or any of the soft tissue in your mouth

At Encino Emergency Dentist, we treat sports-related injuries and falls, which are the two most common traumas resulting in emergency dental cases. There are some cases of chipped teeth or fractures that are able to wait until dental office hours to be cared for, but you will want to call the Encino Emergency Dentist Clinic to make that determination. Isaac Kashani DMS will want to know where the injury occurred to the tooth, understand where in your mouth the injury is, and how severe the damage is before deciding if emergency services are required or not.

The dentists at Encino Emergency Dentist are friendly and knowledgeable. We will address any of your concerns or questions and fully explain any procedure before performing them on your teeth. Injuries such as broken or cracked teeth can impact your mouth and teeth significantly. Should you suffer a severe crack in a tooth, there is a large piece of that tooth missing, or if you suspect you have suffered nerve damage, you may need immediate emergency dental services as soon as possible.

What Should You Do When a Tooth Is Knocked Out?

If your tooth is knocked out of its socket and out of your mouth, there are some precautions for you to take while waiting to see your dentist at Encino Emergency Dentist. The first thing to remember is the least amount of handling you can do with the tooth, the better. If it slides back into the socket, you can hold it in place with a small piece of gauze or a portion of clean material. Apply a small amount of pressure to keep the tooth inside the socket until you arrive at the dental office.

What Other Conditions Result in Dental Emergencies?

Some dental emergencies are not as obvious as a knocked-out tooth; it may instead be a severe tooth pain resulting from an abscessed tooth. Check with Encino Emergency Dental if your pain is too severe to be handled by over-the-counter pain medications. We may be able to see you quickly as often there are open slots in scheduling to allow for such emergencies.

If you are suffering from this pain after office hours, call the office, and we will schedule an appointment immediately. It is our goal to maintain your oral dental care, and emergency care is a vital part of this goal.

Toothaches can be coming from a severe infection in your gums or an abscess. If these conditions are not treated, they can become life-threatening. If you have a toothache that has caused your face to swell, you've developed a fever, your pain is severe, or you're experiencing bumps on your gums, you need emergency care right away. Dr. Isaac will assess the cause of the pain and find a treatment plan that will address it. Some of the solutions may involve tooth extraction, pain relievers, and other appropriate care.

Meet Your Encino Emergency Dentist - Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani

Isaac Kashani DMS provides exceptional dental services and is devoted to maintaining your oral health. If you experience an accident or any situation that has injured your teeth or mouth, you want to contact Dr. Kashani to receive immediate emergency care.  He and the complete team at Encino Emergency Dentist Office are prepared to handle any form of dental emergency you may have suffered.

Dental emergencies require the attention of an experienced dentist. Isaac Kahen Kashani DMD is the dentist you want to repair and restore any injury sustained by your teeth. He is committed to providing you with high-quality dental treatments using state-of-the-art equipment with the latest technology. Dentistry changes; it improves patient comfort and how dental procedures can improve patients' teeth, and it is Dr. Kashani's goal to keep up with these changes, so his patients receive the best in dental care possible.

His dental education was received in New York State at the University of Dentistry and continues to take educational courses, so he stays at the frontlines of any new technologies and advancements in dentistry. He is known for having handled some of the most challenging dental cases and will find the best solution to any emergency dental damage you may have suffered.

Isaac Kahen Kashani DMD, not only provides exceptional dental care, he works closely with his patients to ensure they feel safe and comfortable while under his care. He is devoted to patient care and takes the time to talk with you about any procedure to make sure you are comfortable and fully understand what to expect regarding the treatment and to the recovery.

Choosing Dr. Kashani and Encino Emergency Dentist Clinic is the right choice for any dental emergency, or for any dental or oral health need you have. We are devoted to giving you the most accurate and expert dental service that is unmatched to any other dental clinic.

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